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Committee: Consilium Country: Ireland

Topic A: EU Border and Coast Guard

Migration. A word with which, proudly, the Irish have been very familiar with. The basic demographics of some countries workforce was built on Irish migrants, for which the topic at hand today feels very personal to us.

Now we’re perfectly aware that our position in this matter may have less weight than those of the border countries, such as Hungary, Italy or Greece. Geographically speaking, they come directly in contact with the flows of refugees, which also cannot be stopped due to the reasons why these peoples are fleeing their countries (we’re not talking about working migrants anymore, are we?). But on a historically legitimate basis, we believe Ireland may be able to give some insights on how we treat these peoples.

We’d like to start by reminding all of you here that we’re a committed member of the European Union. In 2015 we met the quotas of resettlement of refugees who were stranded in Greece, much ahead the agreed deadline, and compromised to admit 260 more people coming from Lebanon. This clearly demonstrates Ireland’s continued proac...