Tom Schoen

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Tom Schoen - Consilium - Germany Topic A: European Border and Coast Guard
Ever since the European Union, its Member States and its citizens have witnessed the vastly increasing influx of undocumented migrations in 2014-2015, it has become clear that the European Union as a whole has been unable to adequately protect its external borders and monitor who enters the Union while safeguarding the free movement of goods, services and EU citizens. It is exactly the current European Union migration crisis which jeopardizes the European Schengen area of free-movement, one of the greatest achievements of the European integration. Already within the first year of the migration crisis did Member States, fearful as they were for further destabilization of their national borders and uncontrolled movements of illegal immigrants, temporarily reintroduced the control at their respective national borders. Something which hampered free trade and movement between the Member States. To prevent this from happening in the future, it is in the mutual interest of the EU Member States that effective external border control is established to safeguard the European Schengen free-movement area. Thus it was that the European Border and Coast Guard Agency was officially created in 2016.

Considering the fact that the Federal Republic of Germany is among the European Member States that receive the greatest amount of refugees, Germany has an almost direct interest in the monitoring and assessment of the migration flows that occur at the fringes of the external borders of th...