christina onoufriou

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**1. Proposals for debt restructuring programs for any indebted Eurogroup country Slovenia was requested to move swiftly in addressing the problems in its banking sector and get its public finances under control in a bid to avoid the nation from becoming the bloc's sixth member to require a bailout. Slovenia’s €4.8 billion bailout of its stricken banks was covered from its own funds, without recourse to the don’t-call-it-troika of the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission that has led Greece’s bailouts. In addition, the outcome has been much better than the expected. Slovenia has been funding the bailout partly though bond issues, while also pursuing incremental fiscal tightening to keep the markets onside.

One of the Debt restructuring programs proposed by Slovenian government is to continue with the structural reform such as to Focus fiscal consolidation on structural measures to increase cost efficiency in education, public administration and local government. In addition to continue privatising state-owned ...