Irene Sourpi

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Committee: International Court Of Justice Topic: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia v. United States of America: The legality of the use of force.. Country: People’s Republic of China represented by Irene Sourpi (Judge)

The court acknowledges that it is in possession of its jurisdiction to take decision on the substance of the case of the legality of the use of force on the part of member states of NATO against the FRY based on Article 35(2) second sentence of the Statute. The article in question determines its jurisdiction in connection with two or more non member states based on treaties in force. In this particular case bases its jurisdiction on Article IX of the Genocide Convention.

As judge of People’s Republic of China baring the obligation to respect international laws and the statute of ICJ, I deem not legal the use of force by the NATO states on the land of FRY in 1999....