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Aimee Feeney
United Kingdom

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Committee: North Atlantic Treaty Organization Delegate: Aimee Feeney Country: The United States of America Topic A: Future of NATO: Strategic Objectives and Internal Structures

The United States remains as committed to a strong NATO as it did at its inception. The United States remembers that the only time Article 5 has been triggered was following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001. And for that we are grateful. Despite recent fears from our allies that the United States is distancing itself from its European partners, we wish to assure you of our commitment. As part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, the United States currently has more than 3,000 troops stationed in Poland and the Baltic states to support collective defense against Russia. Despite this commitment to our NATO allies, the United States is aware that we face internal and strategic challenges that must be faced in order to build a NATO that is fit for purpose.

“NATO arose out of strategic necessity. NATO must now evolve out of strategic necessity”. These words spoken by US Secretary of Defense James Mattis earlier this year encapsulate the state of the alliance. We find ourselves at a crossroads where we must decide how to proceed. The members of this alliance are ...