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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Sebastian Leicher

Topic A: Future of NATO: Strategic Objectives and Internal Structure

The United Kingdom sees itself as a vital member of NATO, having contributed strongly to the Treaty of Brussels, a forerunner to the later NATO agreement, and the formation of NATO itself. Even though the United Kingdom will leave the European Union in 2019, this will not change its longstanding commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty, its values and goals, as those have proven to support freedom, stability and democracy in our world in the decades after the Second World War until now.

Of course, the challenges and threats NATO, the strongest and most effective military alliance in the world, is facing now have changed or evolved and so NATO must adapt too. With its main objective - being a deterrence against Soviet Union and later the Warsaw Pact - obsolete now, one should not see NATO as completely obsolete as well but instead realise the potential it holds to be a promoter of peace and security in a seemingly more unstable and rapidly changing global environment. There are long-term shifts in the power balance between nations and non-state actors and increasing competition, likely leading to unexpected developments. This makes it necessary...