Jonas Borgmeier

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Topic A: Future of NATO: strategic objectives and internal structure

The Republic of Turkey is a member of NATO since 1952 and highly values the fundamental Article 5 of the Washington Treaty referring to collective defense constitutes a valuable security guarantee for Turkey as well as for other Allies. NATO as a unique forum for Euro-Atlantic security provides Turkey an opportunity to put forward our views and expectations vis-a-vis international security issues and to have a strong impact on transatlantic initiatives. On the other hand, we perceive ourselves as a valuable asset for NATO, with our “hard” and “soft power” capacity for geographies where the Alliance carries out operations due to having a predominantly Muslim population. Therefore, we have turned into one of the most powerful states in terms of its potential with respect to the fundamental task of “partnership based on cooperation”, being part of the Strategic Concept approved at 2010 Lisbon Summit. Moreover, militarily Turkey´s strong army enables us to contribute more to the NATO’s efforts to provide international security.

With regard to the Future of NATO we like to prioritize the following three perspectives: NATO’s Transformation:

1. NATO´s Transformation

Observing that the nature of risks and threats, as well as th...