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Topic A | Future of NATO: Strategic Objectives and Internal Structure

For many years, many powers around the world have deliberately tested the limits of the eco-nomic, political and international system and sought to use the resulting chaos and confusion to their advantage. To guarantee to the world a stable system consisting about different nation states, religions, interests and needs, NATO has played an important role as a maintainer and has to act in the future, accordingly. However, no system is perfect and must adapt to new challenges and threats. Therefore, NATO has to be reformed considering the following aspects. First, political dialogue and cooperation with international and regional bodies as well as with regional powers is needed. Furthermore, NATO needs to strengthen its international and bilateral cooperation to meet the threats of our time. Especially the Russian Federation has to be acknowl-edged as a crucial player in the world and hence integrated in worldwide and regional security issues. This means that the in 1991 initiated dialogue and cooperation with the Russian Federa-tion ...