Illya Garkavyy

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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

The Alliance remains the main warrantor for Romania’s security, and, as a country at the borders of NATO, Romania’s interest lies in a strong, viable, and united Alliance. The collective defence of our populations, territory and forces remains NATO’s most important security task. Therefore, a strong transatlantic link, which is the foundation of NATO, remains as crucial as ever.

Titus Corlăţean, Minister of Foreign Affairs or Romania, Bucharest, 2012.

Topic A, Future of NATO, Strategic Objectives and International Structure

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern bloc Romania strove to protect its sovereignty from external threats and potential dangers due to its geographical location. After joining NATO in 2004, Romania maintained a deep commitment to NATO and its activities and played an active role in defense cooperation. We are fully committed to current and future cooperation with NATO to promote peace and security and security of our allies. Romania stands strongly in promoting democratic values and beliefs of all NATO members and will remain a strong pillar in North- Atlantic security.

Romania faces increasing threats from the current geopolitical situation. Such threats can be identified from the side o...