Ingo Knigge

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EuroMUN 2017

Delegation of Lithuania

Position Paper for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

Topics to be addressed by the NATO are the following: Future of NATO: Strategic Objectives and Internal Structure; Risk containment policy of conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Topic I: Strategic Objectives and Internal Structure

I. Introduction of the topic

In its nearly 70 years lasting history the NATO had to face various threats and problems. Today these changes occur much faster than some decades ago. Therefore, there is also the need of dynamic structures and effective performance to face those new threats for peace and security of its members and in the world. By getting the full membership in the NATO in 2004, the Republic of Lithuania saw a full legitimisation of its return to the European and transatlantic family of nations and hope for more security and stability for the state sovereignty. Our country stressed the importance of this organisation by being very engaged in NATO operations, even before its membership, as well as it is one of the few members that fulfils the financial quota of 2% of the GDP.

II. Structure of Organisation

Present hazards are not only static en...