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Rappresentanza Permanente NATO

Future of Nato

The Italian security policy is based on the integration into NATO, the EU and the UN, as well as on the strategic partnership with the USA. Italy sees itself as the main player in the enlarged Mediterranean region ("mediterraneo allargato"). The Republic´s security policy focuses on the situation in Libya and the refugee crisis. Italy is involved in the area of disarmament for the global observance of the treaties, including for the ban on stray bombs. It supports the initiative to create a nuclear-free world. Particularly the Italian Republic committed to international missions: About 4,800 Italian soldiers are currently involved in operations within the framework of the United Nations, NATO or EU, mainly in Lebanon (UNIFIL, about 1,100 soldiers), Afghanistan (about 800 soldiers) As well as in the Balkans (KFOR, about 550 soldiers). Italy is currently one of the world's largest troop ...