Imme Warnecke

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Position Paper for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  1. The following topics are to be addressed by the NATO: Future of NATO: strategic objectives and internal structure and Risk containment policy of conflict in Eastern Ukraine

A) Future of NATO: strategic objectives and internal structure

I. Definition of the Problem

As understood in the NATO’s Strategic Concept of 2010 we all face a global threat in the rise of international terrorism. In today’s world threats are consistent with a wide range of military and non-military risks, which are multi-directional and difficult to predict. NATO has to be vigilant and adapt for a changing world with ever changing threats assaulting our Western World. Estonia has been part of NATO since 2004 and the membership will always remain a top priority to our security and defense policy. Our strategic concepts undergo regular updates to fit into a changing world with a changing security environment and so should our internal structure and strategic objectives. Before we think about developing a new strategic concept and changing our objectives fundamentally we should always think carefully about implementation and what we have realized of the Strategic Concept of 2010.

II. Partnerships

The Republic of Estonia strongly believes that we need to participate actively in international security co-operation and NATO guarantees reliable military deterrence and collective defense. Therefore NATO as a regional organization can no longer stand alone, but we need to form strategic international partner...