UN Security Council


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Delegate: Debernardi Virginia Position: EuroMUN, UNSC, China.

The Representation of China would like to hereby state its position in prospect of the EuroMUN 2017 conference for the discussion over the future of peacekeeping.

China is a firm supporter of and participant in the United Nations peacekeeping operations. Over the years, we have dispatched over 30 000 peacekeepers; as we are here, more than 2 700 of them are serving 11 peacekeeping missions. China is the largest troop-contributing country upon the permanent members of the security council and the second largest financial contributor to the peacekeeping budget. In the area of peacekeeping, the UNSC has already achieved important progresses; for instance, the generation of standby forces, dispatching helicopter squadrons, the training of peacekeepers from various countries and helping African countries strengthen peacekeeping capacity building. Despite these, peacekeeping operations do not come without pitfalls. China stands ready to work with the whole United Nations membership in the concrete common effort to further improve the UN peacekeeping system in the maintenance of international peace and security. When discussing what peacekeeping oath to be, states are easily trapped into a purely idealistic conversation; although, the situations that we are currently facing in the world, call for concrete measures of improvement. How can the UN peacekeeping operations fulfill requirements of evolvement, grow in effectiveness and better promote political settlements? China considers the latter question meriting consideration with specific focus on the following points: (1) The continued adherence to the guiding principles of peacekee...