UNESCO (High School Students)


Ningze Sui

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Topic: Cyber Governance

Country: Swizerland

Committee: UNESCO

As the technology evolves faster and faster, more and more people started to interact into this digital environment. It is important to develop a set of rule which define the limitation,expectation and the responsibilities of participant as well. Switzerland is one of the leading country in the world, as it benefits from the Internet, it is esteemed that more than 60% percent of the population use the Internet daily. Therefore it is important and determined for Switzerland to ensure the transparency, reliability and security of Internet in order to maintain the sustainable economic development and social interaction. Cyber governance is important for Switzerland for many reasons. First, there are more and more internet users, it becomes a way of communicating, therefore citizens’ rights need to be protected. Second, Swiss economic is highly relied on Internet, Swiss government needs to protect the robustness o...