UNESCO (High School Students)


Stefania Gherca

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Country: Government of Canada Committee: UNESCO

Topic A: Cyber Governance

In the last 20 years, the developed countries have known an explosion of digital information and development. The technology based on internet has spreaded every year almost with the spread of light. In 2008, Canada had 74% of households connected to internet. In 2017, with no doubts, the number has increased to more than 90%. Moreover, according to the website, 59% of personal tax filings were electronic and 67% of Canadians banked online. As a consequence, Canada appreciates the important role that internet has in its citizens' personal and professional development and the vulnerability that internet usage creates for its people. Unfortunately, as the transactions and operations on internet have grown, the cyber-crimes have proportional increased and Canada engaged itself for a more safety cyber space and a more efficient cyber justice and security. Canada's Cyber Security Strategy is built on three pillars the Securing Government systems, the Partnering to secure vit...