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Committee: Third Party Actors (TPAs) – NGO and Press

Organisation: Oxfam International

UNHRC Topic: Current Refugee Crises


Introduction to the Topic and Organisational Stance

** Oxfam International has remained at the forefront of poverty alleviation, emergency humanitarian assistance and long-term sustainable development efforts globally since 1942. Refugee protection unreservedly falls into the core mission of our 19 member-organisation confederation with Oxfam International Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima’s recent reaffirmation of our continued commitment, “We are determinedly part of a movement of many millions of people who have been shocked into action by the speed of coarsening attitudes and regressive policies in far too many countries around the world. We believe in the decency of human values that run counter to this callousness”. Leveraging our advocacy offices from Brussels, New York and Washington DC our lobbying and political activism extends across advocating in high-level discussions with key decision-makers to the awareness raised through the level of grassroots campaign engagement of our individual supporters.

Most recently, in joining the legal challenge launched by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) President of Oxfam America, Raymond C. Offenheiser cited, “As a Boston-based global organisation…operating in more than 90 countries…including five of the seven countries affected by the Executive Order, we are joining this lawsuit because our ability to address some of the worst humanitarian crises around the globe is severely jeopardized.” Oxfam notes the US President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and immigration as unlikely to make Americans safer and inherently discriminatory towards 25% of the world’s population whose movement is restricted based on their Muslim faith. Simultaneously, activists took direct action with Oxfam branded signs sloganeered with “We Stand Together for Immigrant Rights [Refugees]” to protest in Boston’s Copley Square on January 29th 2017, in addition to Oxfam offices in other countries launching activities to tie in with their own ongoing region-specific pro-refugee campaigns.

Past Efforts

** The devastating impact of short-term policies in destination or transit nations such a...