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Valeria Nikonova
Russian Federation

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Founded in 1947 by John Seymour Chaloner and Rudolf Augstein, Der Spiegel has quickly earned a title as one of Europe’s most influential magazines , widely recognized across German-speaking populations for its work in the investigative journalism. Over the past six decades, Der Spiegel has built a distinctive reputation for uncovering many political misconducts and scandals in Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean. Der Spiegel has built its fundament on a two-pillar system, which has boosted the public perception of the magazine as being a major highly-reliable news resource: firstly, Der Spiegel has constantly adhered to the moral principles of investigative journalism, that is of exposing political and social injustice and maladministration; and, secondly, the economic power of the Spiegel publishing house since 1988 helped to produce a television program Spiegel TV and launch an online platform Spiegel Online to further disseminate the results of its investigations. The Spiegel news departments are supported by highly specialized researchers who assist in investigations within the archives, the Internet and information databases all around the world. They check content for plausibility and verify the credibility all...