UNICEF Migration & UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) - Intermediate level
United Kingdom


Leonie Gürtler

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Honourable Chair, Distinguished Delegates,

The delegate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is honoured to be a part of the UNDESA committee facing the very important topic of the impact of migration on minors. First: Migration is not a solution to anything – even if many suggest it as solution for a sustainable social security system. On the contrary: It is a threat to our modern society.

Our society is ageing rapidly, especially in Europe. Our social security systems are facing big problems financing the growing proportion of elderly people while birth rates are declining. But solving this problem by letting people immigrate from all over the world will lead to a situation where we have to finance the education of the many children coming with their parents, without knowing if they will someday pay it back into our social security system.

And all the adults coming from developing countries are mostly not very highly educated and would take the jobs of a big part of our working population. Regarding immigrants f...