ECOSOC : Commission on the Status of Women - Beginner level
Syrian Arab Republic


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Syrian Arab Republic Position Paper

Syrian Arab Republic


Tiare Meinhardt

The Syrian Arab Republic’s capital is Damascus (Dimashq). The country is located in Asia and bordering Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. In 1920 due to a mandate Syria was under the control of France, but they “became an independent state in 1946, after gaining its sovereignty from Turkey.” This was due to the Franco-Syrian Treaty. The Treaty promised to reduce French involvement in Syrian domestic affairs and a reduction of the French troops and bases in Syria. In return, Syria had to support France in case of war. When former Syrian President died, Hafez al-Assed, his son Basher took over, causing in 2011 “unrest inspired by “Arab Spring” uprisings. Confrontation between government and opposition soon developed into civil war that draws in world powers and triggers refugee crisis.” The current situation has caused many women and children to have their rights infringed by extremist groups. “These extremist armed groups Jabhat al-Nu...