UNICEF Migration & UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) - Intermediate level


Rosalyn Jeffries
United States

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Honorable Chair, Distinguished Delegates,

The Chair for the Kingdom of Spain feels privileged to work with this committee on such a pressing issue as the migration of minors. Spain also appreciates the make-up of this committee of states along many different parts of the routes migrants take, as Spain recognizes that only dealing with the issue of migration within Europe fails to proactively take on the challenge of why refugees leave in the first place. The Mediterranean has long been crossed by multitudes of people to reach the haven of Europe. As a beacon, Europe has attracted many fleeing war and destruction. Spain has been at the forefront of these efforts to resettle refugees, from other states such as Italy and Greece as well as from within our borders.

The Kingdom of Spain works tirelessly to provide aid to refugees with financial aid, translators, expedited decisions, and residency stays for the duration of their quest for refugee status. Spain also works within the larger context of the EU where we resettle refugees who reach Italy and Greece as the Kingdom empathizes wit...