ECOSOC : Commission on the Status of Women - Beginner level


Yassmine Kossir

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POSITION PAPER Name: Kossir Yassmine Committee: ECOSOC, Commission on the Status of Women Topic: The pertinence of Contemporary Applications of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for action / The Elimination of Violence Against Women & Girls Country: Morocco School: Lycée Paul Valery (Meknès)

The Beijing Action plan reflects a global vision of gender equality, women’s rights and fighting violence against women. The stakes are high and the challenges remarkable and we clearly assert that gender equality is a priority for our world, for its sustainable development and for the well-being of humanity. In Morocco the women status is of paramount importance because promoting women’s rights and equality is the royal road towards building a fairer, more human world, a world in which solidarity prevails and which requires a new global governance designed and implemented with large-scale women’s participation.

This latter has gone through several upheavals. While in the past women’s role was restricted to households and were under the tutelage of a man because of the patriarchal dominance. Nowadays women witnessed a drastic change in their enjoyment of civil, political, cultural, economic, social and environmental rights guaranteed by the international ratified conventions is now enshrined in the 2011 constitution. These provisions are clearly set out, inter alia in article 19 of the constitution “ Man and woman shall enjoy equal human rights and civil liberties of political, economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects (…) to be created, for this purpose, an authority for parity and the fight against all the f...