Economic and Social Council


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Topic: Securing and Ensuring Economic Stability in the Conflict or Post-Conflict Nations.

Country: Federative Republic of Brazil

Honourable chairs, Distinguished Delegates

Brazil is an increasingly influential player in the global political and economic system. Due to this growing importance on the global fora, Brazil feels obliged to help to ensure economic stability in the conflict or post-conflict nations. Brazil is convinced this help is necessary for conflict and post-conflict nations, but it believes that this help should be provided through technological and knowledge means, rather than just finance.

The foreign policy of Brazil is conditioned by a number of enduring priorities. These include a principled commitment to: (i) non-intervention and respect for sovereignty; (ii) creating spaces for the expansion of economic interests; and (iii) adapting international and regional mechanisms to support Brazilian interest. Brazil provides assistance to conflict-states, but it does not, however, officially endorse in the fragile states, peacebuilding and state building agendas. Brazil believes that only through sustainable developmen...