European Parliament
The Greens/European Free Alliance - Rebecca Harms


Vanessa Klemt

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European Parliament The Greens / European Free Alliance - Rebecca Harms Represented by Vanessa Klemt

Topic 1: EU’s carbon market reform The Greens / European Free Alliance values an efficient carbon market reform in order to reach the EU’s emission targets and set limits to global warming as highly important. The continued emission of CO2 through coal-burning power plants and the aviation sector causes raising global temperatures. In order to cut greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively, the Greens support the EU Emissions Trading System (in the following referred to as “ETS”). This trade of carbon emission allowances has been proven as an important tool to encourage companies of the EU to pay for their CO2 pollution, reduce the use of carbonic energy sources and invest into innovation. The current challenge of the EU is to remove the big surplus of unallocated allowances which creates shrinking prices for CO2 certificates and consequently constrains the function of the ETS and the transition to green industry. For this reason we have to urgently find adequate measures to stabilize this price fluctuation and combat climate change through the combination of decarbonization and innovation.

On international level the Greens fight for reaching climate objectives as part of the United Nations ...

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