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Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats - Richard Howitt


Alexander Lipke

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Topic A: The EU Emissions Trading System Richard Howitt is the British Labour MEP representing the constituency of “East of England” in the European Parliament. He has been in office since June 1999, having been MEP for “Essex South” from 1994 to 1999. Being part of the Labour party, he supports the party’s environmental policy which mainly comprises the promotion of an active and international fight against global climate change, focussing on the reduction of CO2 emissions around the globe. Britain is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and is thus among the largest buyers of permits in the ETS system. A better working ETS system will thus have a great impact on UK businesses, and may hopefully finally serve as an incentive for British firms to invest in more climate friendly technology. Being one of the prime emitters, it must be of Britain’s biggest concern to reduce its CO2 output as a part of a practical European-wide solution. The Labour Party has always been strongly invested in making the ETS syste...

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