European Parliament
Conferderal Group of European United Left/Nordic Green Left - Patrick Le Hyaric


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Committee: European Parliament

Member of European Parliament: Patrick Le Hyaric - Confederal Group of European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) - represented by Antoine Pallois

Topic A: “EU Carbon Market Reform”

The fight for a just energy transition or the cut of carbon emissions in the hope of limiting global warming to 2°C, has just taken another turn following the uncertain outcome of the Paris COP21 and the recent election of Donald Trump as future President of the United States of America. It is no surprise that the latter will be a major issue in the years to come, since Mr. Trump denies the very existence of global warming; problems have already started to occur with Trump’s threat to pull out of the Paris agreement. Indeed, as GUE/NGL MEP Estefania Torres explained in Marrakech, as part of the official delegation of the European Parliament attending the COP22 climate summit, while countries like Japan are setting ambitious targets to cut carbon emissions by 26%, others express the intention to break their commitments with total impunity. Furthermore, even though the resolution adopted in Paris is a grea...

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