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Topic A: EU carbon market reforms The European Union (EU) is leading the global campaign against climate change. Following the motto of the European Union “In Varietate Concordia” – United in diversity, we are unit-ed in this. With diverse sources of energy and ways to produce it – we are united in address-ing climate change in an effective matter. The European People´s Party (EPP) deeply believes that the European carbon market is a good way to do so. However, the EPP recognises that reforms ought to be made concerning the EU’s carbon market. We firmly believe in the pro-tection of our citizens every day with high environmental standards and sustainability for in-stance. The EU has to act together in this, to ensure high living conditions for a long time to come, for example by investing in renewable energy. The climate change has visible impacts on our lives already which show the need of urgent action. We, therefore, urge to implement a credible European policy with tangible and far-sighted steps towards renewable and low-carbon energy sources. They shall give us the capacity to avoid the unfavourable effects of climate change and likewise lower our dependence on imported fossil fuels. This is why the EPP wants the EU to be the frontrunner in low-carbon and carbon-free technologies and addi-tionally the clean-technologies sector. On carbon market reforms, this member of the European Parliament follows with particular interest the question of those sectors not covered by the emissions t...

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