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European People's Party - Lara Comi


Sabrina Holst

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European People’s Party- Lara Comi, Italy, European Parliament Represented by Sabrina Holst

  1. Brexit The Brexit - Great Britain leaving the EU, that’s what 51.9% of the UK-citizens voted for in the referen-dum on the 23rd June 2016. There are several reasons why the Britain’s want to leave the EU. The refugee policy, the high amount of money they have to pay annually to the central EU budget as well as the threat of its sovereignty, may be the most important ones. Uncertainty is spread among Europe, nobody knows if it will be a soft or a hard Brexit, with the UK leaving the European Economic Area as well as the EU. There are discussed several topics for example allowing Scotland to join the EU although they belong to the UK. However, the EU will have to face the economical as well as the political consequences of the Brexit. That is why the European People’s party, in the following referred to as the EPP, is of the opinion that we should take the Brexit as a wakeup call and rate it as highly important, a possible turning point of the policy of the EU. General measures in order to strength the EU are initiated. The EPP’s free InterRail pass project is meant to create a common European identity in diversity, fighting the scepticism against the EU by enabling young adults to get to know foreign European countries as well as people. It is a step into the right dir...

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