European Parliament
European People's Party - Jacek Saryusz-Wolski


Yana Moldovan

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  1. Brexit In 2004 Poland became a member of the European Union and started to develop immensely due to substantial subsidies. Afterwards poles, seeking higher salaries, began to emigrate to the United Kingdom (UK), right after borders were opened. They send home more than $1bn a year, stimulating consumption in the state. And in 2016 their number in the UK constitutes 850,000. European citizens are coming back to the European Union because of uncertainty, especially those, who have not lived in the UK for five years needed to apply for a permanent residency. In the interim, European People’s Party, frequently referred as the EPP, is striving to defend the rights of the European immigrants to the UK as well as to find solutions to other issues. Being a representative of polish citizens, equally important is to point out our attitude to the United Kingdom. Polish Foreign Minister Waszczykowski has recently named it as “Poland's number one partner”. As can be noted, the United Kingdom is a powerful ally in the European Union with a simila...

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