International Court of Justice


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International Court of Justice - Judge: Augustina Ntow Brisaa

I. Facts of the case:

  1. Dispute between Philippines and China over a small part of the Southern China Sea namely the Scarborough Shoal and Mischief Reef, a part of the Spratly Islands.
  2. China is claiming the territory as part of the nine-dash line. Both parties press on earlier historical presence to attach legitimacy to their claim.
  3. China and the Philippines with other ASEAN members had signed the Code of Conduct of parties In the South China Sea, where parties strive to solve conflicts peacefully with dialogue. The Code of Conduct is not binding.
  4. Philippines, after a series of sovereignty misunderstandings with China, decided, in 2013 to bring the matter before this court to seek redress for alleged violations of Sovereign rights from China.
  5. China on the other hand, presses on the val...

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