United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United States of America


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Committee: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Country: The United States of America Represented by: Vasiliki Lampidi Topic Area B: Improving basic living conditions in refugee camps.

Over the last decades the world has been confronting crucial issues everyday, which embodies many challenges. It is well known that we are going through the fifth year of the Syrian civil war, which is consider the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world after the Second World War. As a result, over 300,000 people have lost their lives, while everyday a huge number abandon their countries in order to find refuge in Europe and in the United States of America. The question, which faces the whole world, is how can each country encounter this serious problem and help all these refugees to ensure a better life in a new country? Unfortunately, we have to underline that the existing conditions in refugee camps are not suitable for all these people. The majority of the camps resemble a dirty, crowded prison, where refugees must compromise and learn to cope with suffering on a daily basis. Indeed, on a universal level, there are many steps which have already been taken in order to find a solution of this fragile situation. The 1951 Convention regarding ...

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