Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
United States of America


Laure Sigalla

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Topic A : Countering terrorism and violent extremism

The United States of America are most concerned with the topic of terrorism and violent extremism. The 9/11/01 events deeply shaped our country over the last decade, and recently the Pulse shooting in Orlando, Florida, shook our nation to its core. We therefore also join in the suffering of so many other nations who were recent victims of terrorism as well : our oldest ally, France, Belgium, but also Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and others. The length of this incomplete list and the increase and intensification of terrorist activity all around the world make it for us a priority in international security.

The OSCE has more and more structures dedicated to fighting terrorism; we salute and condone these efforts. The US Antiterrorism Assistance program (ATA) has lead this fight since 1983, especially by working to train and assist law and security enforcement officers of foreign nations, with the p...

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