United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


Hendrik Schorn

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Topic A: reventing refugee crises – A Pro - active approach

In last few months we got a rise of more refugees in our country. The increasing wave of refugees had a highpoint at the end of 2015. 100.000 of people fled because of the ISIS and the dangerous war. The helpfulness in Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as in the European Union was extreme! Nevertheless the refugee crisis became more and more a chaotic situation, because a lot of countries were not prepared for this high amount of refugees. Therefore, we need answers to the following questions: 1. How can we get an active approach for the refugees crisis in the future? 2. How can we find solutions for economic and political problems, which motivate people to flee out of their home countries? 3. How can we support countries like Pakistan or Lebanon, who are the host countries for most of the refugees in the world?

The past showed us that we were not prepared for this refugee crisis. We haven’t any active approaches, which could help us in this situation. Other countries were surprised about the crowd of refugees, too. Now, the refugee crises is under control. That doesn’t mean that we can have a rest. We have to do our homework! It is our job to consulate the existing infrastructure for the refugees in our countries for the future. We can only prepare our future in this way. Great Britain and Northern Ireland have chosen a new strategy for helping refugees. Theresa May said, that we decided that we only give asylum to refugees from refugee camps like the ones in Lampedusa or Indomeni ...

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