Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe


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Committee: OSCE
Topic A: Countering terrorism and violent extremism Topic B: Election monitoring procedures reform Country: Ukraine

Topic A: During the last decades the threat of international terrorism increased and was spread all over the world. Everyone remembers the numerous attaks that took place since the early 2000´s. The attaks in New York and recently the latest bombings and shootings in France and Belgium are still in our memories. The Ukraine public and the government stand in solidarity with the european people which became victims of a terrorstic ideology. These facts show that the focus of terrorist shifts more and more to western democraties. Ukraine is aware of this development and is strongly convinced to end it. Every year more than 30.000 men, women and children get killed by terrorists with different backgrounds. There is no matter or doubt which exact background a terrorist has, just the fact that we -the democratic and free states- are required to bring an end to this increasing and nonsence violence. In a globalized world we should stand together and fight the terrorism. Overall there is one similarity in all attaks which is the need of financial support to accomplish such a cruel terrorist act.
Ukraine appreciates that there are countries that have even feared and suffered more under the threat of terrorist attaks in the past and in...

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