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Baltic Sea:

Date: 11-26-2016 Committee: NATO Delegation: Kingdom of Sweden (fellow delegates, please note that the Kingdom of Sweden is not part of NATO but only a strategic partner)

Honorable chair, estimated delegates, the delegation of the Kingdom of Sweden is very pleased to be part of a committee dealing with the current strategic issues which threaten its borders and its sovereignty. The Kingdom of Sweden is among the founding members of NATO. For decades, it has engaged of its capacities to the maximum in an effort to protect and defend the interests of its Allies. It is now grateful to receive a precious help from the members of the Alliance in order to face increasing security difficulties on its Baltic flank. The last two years have seen an exponential rise in the violation of Swedish airspace by foreign air forces, at a level never seen since the Cold War. Current daily interceptions triggered by these threats are dramatically affecting the Swedish Air Force, which needs to engage its full potential and therefore lacks time for training and maintenance. This situation dramatically impacts the morale of our troops but also their safety. Despite significant diplomatic work, no solution has yet been found either by the Kingdom of Sweden or the other Baltic nations affected by these incidents (Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). This growth of the menace reached...

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