United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


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Delegation from Spain, represented by Julius-Maximilians-University Wuerzburg

Position Paper for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I. Preventing refugee crisis – A pro-active approach Never before in history has there been such a high number of people around the world fleeing from their homes due to armed conflict, persecution and natural disasters. Because of Spain’s geographical proximity to Africa the repercussions of crises on that continent quickly reach the southern borders of Europe. Spain clearly recognizes the importance of a pro-active approach to resolve the structural causes of an uprising conflict in order to prevent its development into an international problem that reaches the size of an unsolvable crisis. As a current example, Spain is deeply concerned about the threat that the instability of the state of Mali might impose on Europe. Therefore Spain urges to implement a culture of prevention instead of reaction. In order to meet the confl...

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