North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Bent Simon

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Topic 1: The Baltic Strategy

The issues the Alliance is currently facing in the Baltic Sea go well beyond the security dimension they appear to have. In truth, the Baltic situation imposes the obligation on the Allies to find a common course of action in interacting with the Russian Federation. The problem to be solved is less of an external but more of an internal one. The ability of the Allies to act jointly and effectively will be put to the test.

Furthermore, the Baltic Issue closely relates to the perception of the Russian Federation within the individual member states. The range goes from former Cold War antagonist to downright fear to friendly relations, either newly formed or historically grown. The latter - historically friendly ties – is the case for the Republic of Slovenia.

Therefore, this delegation clearly favours the diplomatic approach over military deterrence. Showing of muscles on both sides will only antagonize the other side and provoke it ...

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