United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


Petra Stucchi

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Position Paper Topic 1 “Preventing refugee crisis- A Pro-active approach” Committee: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Republic of Slovenia, represented by: Petra Stucchi

The Republic of Slovenia is a European country bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. In 1992, Slovenia accepted the 1954 Convention, relating to the Status of Refugees, and the 1967 Protocol. Slovenia is a member of the EU and has signed the Schengen agreement. The nation is also taking part in the Relocation and Resettlement Scheme decided by the EU, which aims to relocate a large sum of migrants from Italy and Greece to other Member States of the EU.

Slovenia is deeply affected by the European migrant crisis, which is principally caused by the conflict areas in the Middle East and in Africa. As a transit country for migrants trying to reach Germany or other northern European states, Slovenia has recently faced an unprecedented flow of refugees. Th...

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