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Topic A: Addressing the effects of the Paris Agreement at COP21

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by the grace of Allah, greets all members of the G-20. We have, indeed, been present in this important organism and pole of international decision-making since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008; therefore, since the first summit of the G-20 in Washington DC. Furthermore, we do recognize the importance of the theme: addressing climate change and looking for long-term solutions -so as the Paris Agreement at the COP21 have come to enhance global efforts towards it- not only for global economy, but specially to society as a whole. For instance, we have officially approved the Kyoto Protocol of 1992 and we are signatory to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Heading to this same direction, our former King Abdullah created the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, or K.A-CARE, in 2015, especially to tackle this specific question with the help of qualified professionals and high investment provided. We have, in fact, for the past year...

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