United Nations 3rd General Assembly´s Committee - Social, Humanitarian & Cultural


Moritz Wernick

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Delegation of the Republic of Rwanda represented by Moritz Wernick

Position Paper for the UN Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

1. Media Censorship and The Treatment of Journalists

The Republic of Rwanda is a young democratic state and knows about the importance of press freedom in the long process of democratization. Journalists have a key part in that process and must be protected by a state. But in process of democratization developing countries first need to focus on their internal security, on condition that supervising the media is not misused by parties to secure their political leadership.

Article 34 of Rwanda’s constitution stipulates that “freedom of the press and freedom of information are recognized and guaranteed by the state”, but Rwanda is ranked on 161th by Reporters without Borders, because they do not consider our history and the successful progress in our country since the genocide in 1994. In relation to statistics of United Nations Development Programme Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world (163th of 188). ...

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