Council of the European Union


Shari Seeger

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Position Paper HamMUN 1. - 4. December 2016

Committee: Council of the European Union Topic: The British Exit from the European Union (Brexit) Country: Poland University: Maastricht University Delegate Name: Shari Seeger

The European Union has always been a symbol of peace, prosperity and the pursuit of common economic goals. This is the reason why many countries including The United Kingdom and Poland deliberately chose to join this Union. However, times seem to have changed. The European Union has started to overrule national governments. Issues of member states’ autonomy are now decided upon by the European Union. Much to Poland’s despair, this led one country to the decision to leave this Union. On the 23rd of June of this year, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Poland and the United Kingdom are especially linked through the bond of immigration. More than 800,000 Polish people currently live in the United Kingdom. The Brexit now poses great uncertainty for the Po...

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