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Miro Gonzalez

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Committee: NATO Topic: A strategy for the Baltics Country: Poland Represented by: Miro Gonzalez, University of Lucerne, Switzerland

Poland is a very proud member of NATO and has been showing this through dedicated support of all NATO activities, namely the Baltic Air Policing Missions, which have also been extended this year to Romania and Bulgaria as well as our company of motorized infantry, which serves on a rotational basis in the three Baltic nations. We have also a very strong support in our electorate, namely 70% of Poles believe that our membership in NATO has direct impact on the improvement of our country’s security and two thirds have a positive opinion about NATO’s activities aimed at peace-keeping and armed conflict prevention over the last couple of years.

In our eyes does the Russian Federation represent a greater risk to Europe than the Islamic State. We perceive the threat from Russia’s militarism and neo-imperialism as genuine. If a conflict were to escalate, Russia would probably want to neutralize Poland by occupying the Suwalki Gap. This region is one of the potentially most inflammatory points in Europe. It is the key for the transfer of NATO forces to come to the aid of the Baltics and hence the...

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