Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe


Sarinji Jumagulov

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Hamburg Model United Nations 2016 Committee: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Country: Japan Delegate: Sarinji Jumagulov

Topic A: Countering terrorism and violent extremism

Japan like many other nations, has also been a victim of terrorism as it was witnessed in the case of two of our Japanese nationals who were ruthlessly murdered by the so called Islamic State in January 2015. We, the sovereign nation of Japan, emphasize that the act of a military intervention is not a viable solution towards combatting international terrorism under any circumstances. Nor do we consider the possibility of negotiating with terrorists as a viable alternative. We highlight the need for sovereign countries to act within the framework of international law and discourage the infringement of national sovereignty. This is where the OSCE comes into play as it is one of the most important intergovernmental organizations to date and offers a political platform for international actors. We require that the world community increase its efforts in international participation and collaboration. This includes the strengthening...

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