Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe


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Country or Position: Georgia Committee: OSCE Name: Adriana Bascone University: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Topic Area A: Election monitoring procedures reform

The ODIHR being the principal OSCE institution within the dimension of human rights, it is important to keep its credibility high and its performance to the highest standards. We are aware of concerns raised concerning its neutrality; those concerns are to be taken seriously.

We would welcome any discussions on reforming the OSCE. The issue of reproached impartiality would have to be dealt with in the broader context of the ODIHR and the OSCE as a whole. Having said this, it would be inadmissible if its bodies and common norms emerged weakened from the process. Georgia has greatly benefited from OSCE’s support in electoral observation and has followed up on ...

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