United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


Denise Kellner

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Committee: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Topic 1: Preventing refugee crisis- A Pro-active approach Topic 2: Improving Basic Living Conditions in Refugee Camps Country: Denmark University: Maastricht University Delegate Name: Denise Kellner

The refugee crisis in Europe and abroad, caused by civil wars and instability in Syria and neighbouring states, has forced many to flee their home-countries, after leaving everything they knew behind. As such inhuman conditions have been imposed on nationals of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, Eritrea, Senegal and many more, these nationals had to risk their lives to find a safer place to live. Too many refugees have lost their lives from fleeing persecution, extremists and war. Once the refugees have made it across the Mediterranean Sea, by being smuggled in trucks, or by foot to Turkey, they have a right to rely on European, International standards and values. Many are being accommodated in refugee camps, this does not necessarily mean they have found a new home. As Denmark is part of the Eu...

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