Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Czech Republic


Anna Huncikova

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Topic A: Countering terrorism and violence terrorism

We can observe a rising tendency of radicalisation and polarisation of the European society, ISIS recruits fighters in Europe. These are some of the key issues connected with the current terrorist action in Europe. Czech Republic wants to participate in an efficient and succesful fight against these phenomenah. Czech Republic has published “The Steategy of Czech Republic for the Fight Against Terrorism (2013)”, which brings forward the main ideas and solutions of our country in this topic. We consider being the five most important issues; improved communication and cooperation between the components involved in the fight against terrorism and better conditions for their work, protection of population, critical infrastructure and other targets potentially vulnerable to a terrorist attack, security research, training and information to the public on specific aspects of the fight against terrorism, prevention of radicalisation and recruitment to terrorist structures and legislative and contractual issues in th...

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