United Nations Human Rights Council


Jakob Wiedekind

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Position Paper from Jakob Wiedekind representing The People’s Republic of China in the Human Rights Council at the HAMMUN 2016

Topic A: Discrimination against people with albinism (A) Albinism is a rare genetic disorder that is still unfortunately often times misunderstood, both medically and socially. This genetic disorder causes the people affected to have little or no color in their skin, hair or eyes. Even though the magnitude of this problem is not global, the Human Rights Council has to include and discuss this topic, especially because of the strong violence and discrimination against people with albinism in West-Africa. Nations like Malawi, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are especially confronted with this issue. The root of the problem lies in the superstitious belief that certain body parts of people who suffer from albinism contain magic powers that can be harnessed through rituals and witchcraft. The body parts are considered to bring health, good luck and happiness. The low standard of living and the low level of education are the ideal base for superstitious beliefs. Next to this extreme form of violence, people who suffer from albinism are oft...

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