United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


Emmelien Somsen

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Hamburg Model United Nations Committee: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Canada Delegate name: Emmelien Somsen Organisation: Leiden Model United Nations Foundation

Topic A: ‘Preventing refugee crises – A Pro-active approach’

International Organisations as well as governments have spent years trying to figure out how to manage refugee crises. The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) has had to deal with many refugee crises all over the world like the refugee crisis after World War II, Algerian refugees who fled to Morocco and Tunisia and Chinese refugees in Hong Kong. The delegation of Canada acknowledges the importance of such projects. However, we believe we should not only focus on managing existing refugee crises, but also focus on how we can prevent refugee crises in the future. It is important to note that the primary focus here should lie with the root causes of the crises, and not the steps we take to repatriate individuals caught up in war, conflict and political duress.

A 1970s UNHCR study encouraged by Canada focussed on the causes and prevention of refugee flows contained some proposals for managing situations that tend to push people out of t...

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