Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe


Philippe Lefevre
United Kingdom

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Country: Republic of Bulgaria

Committee: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Topic A: Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism

Background Information

Terrorism and Violent extremism has always been an important danger to European security however in recent times, as we have seen a flood of migrants from particularly extremist prone regions, attacks have become more prevalent. This Phenomenon can be seen clearly in the significant numbers of foreign terrorist fighters from countries like France and Western Europe, though on a per capita basis, certain Balkan countries like Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are significant terrorist source countries. The war against terrorism is key in the OSCE, fighting the issue through legislation and legal framework, highlighting the need for international security without borders and keeping with commitments made under UN Security Council resolution 2178 and 1566. These resolutions importantly define terrorism which is required as without it any measures aiming to fight terrorism are limited. A new phenomenon that has been recorded and needs to be fought is self-radicalisation. This has been studied after the 2005 London Bombings however has quickly become a dangerous tool by extremist groups to commit attacks from within a country the likes of which could not be done from purely outside forces. Migration of Asylum seekers from Syria to Bulgaria and evidence of foreign terrorist fighters though Bulgaria has raised its counterterrorism profile in 2014. The government has worked to enhance its prevention and is developing a National Counter Terrorism Centre to solve this. Bulgaria is a...

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