United Nations Environment Programme
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina Committee: UNEP

Topic 1: Accelerating the Fight against Desertification in the Global Decade Against Deterioration

Not only does desertification as an extreme have a growing impact on the global community but also land degradation; with the ever growing population worldwide and the shrinking of fertile land, food security and – in general – sufficient resources for human existence must be secured to be provided. Climate change and human actions – such as deforestation unplanned cultivation of cash crops on agriculture land for short term economic benefits – are causes for desertification and land degradation should fought against. Every year desertification causes damages worth 40 billion USD.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is highly committed to fighting desertification and is emphasizing the importance of thorough planning and coordination of actions among all member states of the UNEP. As post war BiH is dealing with social, economic and environmental problems, land degradation is one of the most crucial ones: Loss of agriculture lands is due to excessive erosion caused by defor...

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