United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


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Delegation from:Argentina
Represented by: Anahita Sattarian

Position Paper to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

The topics of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights are: “Preventing refugee crisis – A pro-active approach” and “Improving Basic Living Conditions in Refugee Camps”. The delegation from Argentina is aware of these important topics particularly regarding the future development and is looking forward to discuss them with the other states.

I. Preventing refugee crisis – A pro-active approach

It is no lie that the refugee crisis is a huge humanitarian crisis. As the world population, we are responsible for the human rights and therefore it is our duty to improve the status of these 63.5 million displaced individuals. The conflict during the past decades led to the flight of 2.7 million Afghan and 5 million Syrian refugees, who are still suffering from the consequences of several invasions and war. Therefore, it is not surprising that a small number of countries, for example Turkey, Pakistan and Lebanon, host the ...

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